What time is the check in time and check out time?

Check in time is 3:00PM Check out time is 10:00AM
Check out time is fixed. You may stay at lobby before your check in and after check out.

Can you keep our luggage before check in and after check out?

We will keep your luggages before your checking-in and after checking-out for free.
There is a luggage carry service 'Hakone carry service'seding luggage from Yumoto station and to Yumoto station.

Do you have B&B plan? We don't need dinner.

We don't have any B&B plan. Our hotel is Japanese "Ryokan" style.
Most of our staying plan on our official website is including dinner and breakfast.
We sell an accommodation plan(No meals)  rarely, so please apply there.

We are going to stay with a child. How much is the child's fee?

Child's fee will be 
Dinner : 3600JPY (Child's original set meal)
Breakfast : 2600JPY (Based on adult's breakfast)
Bedding and amenities : 4320JPY (Adult's size bed and small YUKATA)
It is free if the child doesn't need any meals, beddinng, and amenities(Shareing the parents').

Does the room has shower and toilet? Is the water Hot spring water?

All of guest's room has bathtub and toilet.
The water at bath is not hot spring water. It is heated water.
To enjoy private hot spring, please choose the room type which has private hot spring.

Do you have no smoking room?

Our rooms are not divided by smoking and no smoking.
We will remove the smell and ashtray for your non-smoking room request.

We can not eat some food because of allergy/ religious reason.

?s a rule it is not possible to change the menu of the meals, however We will arrange your meals as your request because of allergy, religious reason, or creed.
There is a possibility that the meals amount will be decreased because of situations such as : kinds of ingredients you may not eat, The time you told the request, and so on?

We don't use any Halal food ingredients?and Our cookware and tableware are both used for all menu and no separation is made.

If you have any meal requests, please tell us in advance (at least a few days before your check in date) 

What time is the dinner time and breakfast time?

Our guests may choose dinner time from 6:00PM, 6:30PM, 7:00PM, or 7:30PM
Our guests may choose breakfast time from 7:00PM, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, or 8:30PM
We can not serve your dinner if your check in is too late (after 8:00PM).
The fee is not refundable even if you missed the dinner.

We want to use internet in the hotel.

Free internet(wifi)is available at lobby.
We are sorry but there is no wifi in guest's rooms
We don't have any PC for rent.

May I smoke in your hotel?

Smoking is prohibidded in public area in building.
Guests may smoke all of guest's rooms.
There is a smoking booth on the 2nd floor.

Is there any restaurant to have lunch?

There is no restaurant to have lunch in our hotel.
There is our restaurant "Hana-Sagami" on the way from Hakone-YUmoto station to our hotel.

Are credit cards accepted for payment?

You may pay the fee by cash(Japanese yen) or major Credit cards.

Do you have money exchange service?

We don't have any money exchange service.
There is a currency exchange service(Foreign Currendcy to Japanese Yen) at Odakyu travel agency booth in Hakone Yumoto station.

Do you have any shuttle bus service from station?

We don't have any scheduled shuttle bus service because it is close between our hotel and Hakone-Yumoto station (5-10 minutes by walking).

We are a group. We have made several reservations. We'd like to have meals together.

If you are a group and have made several reservations or rooms, please tell us in advance.
We will arrange your rooms close each other and reserve a place to have meals together.

Do your hotel has hot spring? Is it free?

All of our guests may enjoy our public hot springs for free.
The public hot springs have outdoor hot springs.
We don't have any hot spring for  rent short term.
To enjoy private hot spring, please choose the room type which has private hot spring.

Can we have meals in our room?

We serve your dinner in guest's room, at a resutaurant(private room), or at a banquet hall
Breakfast will be served at same place as dinner place.
We are going to decide where to have meals for our convenience.
If you have any request of the meal place, please tell us in advance.